Mexican Cattle

8 May

Wind. Clouds. Rain!! Our area recently received a general shower. Perhaps 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) was gifted from the clouds.

The cattle are waiting for grass. Meanwhile, cactus supply nourishment.

A few new green pads burst forth.
No sign of grass growing yet.

The few cactus that avoid being lunch live close to the ground and wear heavy armour.

Early wild flowers, locally known as Mayitos, spring into action.

In the Campo

4 May

The countryside waits for rain.

Suspended in time.


10 Apr

As in much of Mexico, we are experiencing very dry conditions.

2020 view of the dam

We walked the same hillside today.

The little water left in a few shallow muddy sloughs.

Still, cactus continue to bloom.

I hope you can find a sign of hope in your life 🌵
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